QuickStart CRAX

Once you have Crax and ASGI server installed, you can create a simple blank project. Create a python file named app.py, run.py or whatever name you like. Good. Let it be app.py. Place the following code in app.py. That’s all. An empty project has been successfully created.

from crax import Crax

app = Crax()

Launch application in console.

uvicorn app:app

You will see that Uvicorn and Crax are running. This documentation is not about configuring ASGI servers, so if you need specific things, check out Uvicorn for details.


Open your favorite browser at, and you will see Crax default page.


This is an important step, if you are going to use the Crax console commands you must update An app.py file with three lines of code. If you don’t need features like migrations or so skip this step. Let’s modify app.py to be able to run cli commands.

import sys

from crax import Crax
from crax.commands import from_shell

app = Crax(settings="my_first_app.app", debug=True)

if __name__ == "__main__":
    if sys.argv:
        from_shell(sys.argv, app.settings)

After that you can run the Crax cli commands. Good. Let’s take a look at the modified app.py file. We added support for the cli command and set the Crax app to debug mode. By default, debug mode is off, so to change this behavior, you must enable debug mode to True. What does debug mode mean. The point is that all errors in your application will be displayed in the browser. See the CRAX Exceptions for details. As you can see, we have also defined our application config file. See the Configuration for details.