Crax logging is disabled by default. This means that no action, even errors, will be logged. To change this behavior, you must set the settings variable to True. ** DISABLE_LOGS ** The bool type. Enables logging. After you have enabled the logging backend, you might want to customize it.

LOG_FORMAT Variable that sets log formatting in your project log file. Default value is “%(asctime)s — %(name)s — %(levelname)s — %(message)s”

LOGGER_NAME Sets logger name for logging.getLogger(name) function. See details at Logging facility for Python. Default name is “crax”.

LOG_LEVEL Sets logger warn level. Type of string. Default value is “INFO”.

LOG_CONSOLE Sets should logger or not stream to console. Type of bool. Default is False.

LOG_STREAMS Set what streams logger should to use. Type of list. Default value is [sys.stdout, sys.stderr]

LOG_ROTATE_TIME Defines log rotation time. Type of string. Default value is “midnight”.

LOGGING_BACKEND Defines a custom server-side logging module. If for some reason you do not want to use Crax default logging backend, you can write your own. When finished, tell Crax about it. The type of dot-delimited string. The default is crax.logger.CraxLogger.

# Actually you don't need import anything. It is just example shows the rule of definition
from my_shiny_logger import SuperLogger

LOGGING_BACKEND = "my_shiny_logger.SuperLogger"

ENABLE_SENTRY Includes Sentry support. Crax Logging can work with Sentry out of the box, but it is generally disabled as logging. If you want to enable it, set this variable to True. Note that if you set Sentry support to “ON”, you must define your Sentry credentials.

LOG_SENTRY_DSN Set your sentry credentials. No defaults. Example:

LOG_SENTRY_DSN = "https://bec19d6034916d99856d876de05e18b2@o411613.ingest.sentry.io/2875096"

Once you provided your Sentry credentials your Sentry is ready to go. Let’s customize it. SENTRY_LOG_LEVEL Set Sentry’s log level. Default value is equal to LOG_LEVEL variable thus if you don’t want set different warn levels to server and Sentry, just skip it.

SENTRY_EVENT_LEVEL variable that sets Sentry’s event level. Type of string. Default value is “ERROR”.

Please do not forget install Sentry.

pip install --upgrade sentry-sdk

Finally, your config file might look something like this

LOG_SENTRY_DSN = "https://bec19d6034916d99856d876de05e18b2@o411613.ingest.sentry.io/2875096"

So you’re ready to receive Sentry alerts.


Finally, we’re going to write our own logging backend. So if you don’t want to use the default logging backend, you can write your own. There are two rules for creation your logging backends.

The first is:

Your backend must be inherited from Crax Base Logger

And the last is:

Your logger must implement the ** get_logger ** method, otherwise you will receive an error.

# logger.py

from crax.logger import BaseLogger

class MyLogger(BaseLogger):
    def get_logger(self) -> logging.Logger:
        logger = logging.getLogger("my_app_logger")
        handler = logging.handlers.RotatingFileHandler('my_app.log', 'a', 300, 10)
        formatter = logging.Formatter('%(asctime)s %(processName)-10s %(name)s %(levelname)-8s %(message)s')
        return logger

# conf.py

LOGGING_BACKEND = "my_app.logger.MyLogger"